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2017 Meyer Products Path Pro 60"

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Path Pro 60"


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ZTR Snow Plow

Adding a Meyer® Path Pro™ turns zero turn mowers (ZTRs) into mean snow-clearing machines. Because Path Pro plows are built by the leader in commercial snowplows, you know they are built to take on the punishment other brands can’t handle, and comes with a five-year warranty. Path Pro is available in 50″, 60″ and 72″ lengths, making it easy to find the right one to clear snow on sidewalks, alleys or anywhere a plow truck can't reach.

  • Blade Model #: Path Pro 60" ZTR Kit 29110
  • Moldboard Length: 5' (152 cm)
  • Moldboard Height: 17.50 (533 cm)
  • Moldboard Gauge: 14 (N/A)
  • Vertical Ribs: 4
  • Plow Trip Springs: 2
  • Cutting Edge: 1/4" x 5" (0,64 cm X 12,70 cm)
  • Avg Width at Full Angle: 56.1" (142 cm)
  • Angling Rams: 3/4" x 6-1/4" (1,90 cm x N/A)
  • Weight Complete: 148 lbs. (67 kg)
  • Performance: The Path Pro's 65-degree attack angle scrapes the surface more cleanly than standard straight blades. The highway plow-inspired flared wings scoop and funnel the snow faster and throw it farther than competitive brands.
  • Angling Any Way You Want It: Only the Path Pro comes with automatic self-angling. Self-angling works by sensing which side of the plow is gathering the most snow (based on weight distribution), then automatically angles the blade in that direction. Or, if you prefer, simply pull the heavy-duty, spring-loaded handle to lock the plow in one of five different positions. View self-angling video.
  • Dura-Slick Paint with Teflon®: All Meyer carbon steel moldboards are painted with Meyer Dura-Slick™ Paint. This automotive-style paint with Teflon® is baked on to the steel for durability and better snow-rolling action. It's the reason why Meyer plows throw snow farther and move it faster than the competition.
  • Reliability: When you’re used to making 800-pound snow plows for full-sized work trucks like we are, you tend to build things that can take a beating. That’s why though it’s small enough to accommodate your ZTR, the Path Pro is no wimp. It’s made of 14-gauge, high-tensile steel and features a heavy-duty push frame, trip springs and grease zerks. The universal mount is forged of dual-walled tubular steel, and is sealed in a rust resistant, high-strength coating.
  • Stronger By Design: The Meyer Path Pro is stronger at critical stress areas than competitive plows. When stress-tested against the other guys, the Path Pro stands up where others show weakness, but is still lightweight.
  • Slot and Tab Construction: Meyer couldn't offer the industry's best warranty on our plows if we didn't build them using slot and tab construction. This method of construction makes for a stronger, more precise fitting plow. Laser cut steel components are assembled using robotic welders that never tire and never make a mistake. It's why every plow comes off the line ready to provide years of trouble-free service.
  • 5-Year America's Best Warranty: Meyer is proud to offer a full five-year warranty on complete plow systems with an online registration. The competition can’t beat that.
Ease of Use
  • Ease of Use: Use the existing ZTR mower deck foot pedal to raise and lower the Path Pro.
  • Universal Mounting System…For Any Kind of ZTR: The Path Pro comes with brackets that will allow you to easily and securely attach it to just about any ZTR. The brackets are also designed to provide you maximum ground clearance once the plow is attached.
  • Compatibility: The Path Pro fits the biggest names in the ZTR business, so take your ZTR to the next snow-destroying level.



Blade Height
17.50 (533 cm)
Blade Width
5' (152 cm)
Cutting Edge
1/4" x 5" (0,64 cm X 12,70 cm)
148 lbs. (67 kg)